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After a visit to both the Tuite and Greatrex stables in Lambourn, we’re pleased to say that both horses are well, filling out and ready to embark on the next stage of their careers.

Surrey Hope is looking stunning. Looks don’t win races, but what a good looking colt!

He’s is just so relaxed, never phased and does everything that is asked of him. Conor cannot enthuse enough on how much he likes riding him up the famous Lambourn gallops. Surrey Hope is just starting to be pushed more, cantering alongside other horses, learning a bit more about what will be expected of him. We will have a much clearer idea of when he will be ready for the racetrack in the next three weeks, but haven’t had anything to suggest that we won’t see him debut mid-August.

Potters Approach is spending his last weeks on ‘holiday’ chilling out in a field and generally taking it easy.

Warren is starting to move his star horses back into the stable in preparation for the season ahead, hopefully peaking during the main festivals in March and April. Horses have to put on weight and grow stronger in the off season. Once they start to work out again, that weight drops and a horse that doesn’t come back in without the weight will always struggle to keep up the workrate. We will have no such problems with Potters Approach!! He will come into his new home this month, get used to his surroundings and then start to work out from mid-August.

This will be a good time to visit Lambourn and watch both horses take on the gallops with increasing tenacity.