His run at Warwick two days ago has unfortunately taken a bit of a toll on Potters Approach. As well as overheating at the end of the 3m 1f contest, from which he quickly recovered, trainer Warren Greatrex reports that the firm ground also had an impact and that poor old Potters came out of the race with both front legs swollen. The fact he must have been sore during the race would explain his hesitancy at his hurdles, while the associated discomfort probably also contributed to his overheating.

It’s too early to assess the full extent of the problem, and Potters’ legs will be iced for the next few days before he’s given  a scan early next week – at which point we will obviously have a better idea of where we go with him next.

Naturally, Potters’ health and wellbeing will be the number one priority in deciding on future plans.