• If you want great days out, if you want to have fun, if you want to meet some interesting people, but most of all if you want the most exhilarating experience you have had in a long time look no further than Surrey Racing. I bought shares in a horse last year and now I have all the family involved ! I urge anyone who is thinking of getting involved in racing regardless of any previous experience to speak to Steve or Clive and ask for information.

    Nickowner of Surrey Gold
  • You guys are the top racing syndicate. Passion for the sport and the owners, and giving us all a chance to dream. Following on from a wonderful 2019, we're all full of hope it will come alight for Gran Luna and Surrey Gold. Gran Luna will keep my personal dreams of a future National runner alive.

    Paulowner of Gran Luna and Surrey Gold
  • What can I tell you about Surrey Racing, you will not meet a better group of people. I joined in August 2016 after going to Dan Skelton’s yard to see Marley Firth. They have organised days at all the yards they have horses with and you get to talk to the trainer, jockey and make new friends with a shared passion for racing. So if you want to take your race days up another level come and get involved you will not meet a nicer group of people. Should also add a winning syndicate. So come and live the dream, wonderful.

    Stephenowner of Marley Firth
  • I joined Surrey Racing in 2016. Its a great syndicate to belong to, friendly fun atmosphere, we have organised stable visits and racedays, they are always generous with O&T badges whenever possible. I wanted a small more personal syndicate which is exactly what it delivers, I’ve made new friends who share my passion in racing If you are thinking about dipping into racehorse ownership I would highly recommend Surrey Racing, and we've have many winners which is even more of a bonus!

    Nickyowner of Gran Luna
  • I’ve always enjoyed going to races but thought buying a horse on my own would be high risk and actually quite lonely. However, being part of a syndicate means I can invest in multiple horses to not only spread the risk but also to spread the enjoyment. Seeing 3 horses win (which is the success I’ve had with Surrey Racing) brings 3 times the excitement. With two more bought into but not yet raced it also means you have horses at different ages and stages of their racing life. I can invest in both flat and jump horses mixing the variety of courses, trainers and days out to be experienced. Moving from an enjoyable day out at the races to becoming a part owner is feasible and not as expensive as many think via a syndicate. Its hard not to gloat to friends and family of the experience of being in a syndicate and its certainly lead to a fair number of my friends and associates looking to join a syndicate.

    Stuartowner of Gran Luna and Surrey Pride
  • What separates us from other syndicates is the shared passion of our members and our diversity across our portfolio. There really is something for everyone and this is only the beginning!

    Clive Hadingham
    Clive HadinghamDirector